"When we give anything, we must give the truest part of ourselves"
                                      - Mahatma Gandhi, New Delhi (1946)
"Intelligence and capability are not enough. There must be the joy of doing something beautiful" -

         Padmasree Dr. G. Venkatasamy, Founder, Aravind Eye Hospital
In 20 years of professional life, we have had one overwhelming desire that the people in our part of the world should be able to enjoy the same standard of professional health care that is provided in the West. This organization is founded by a group of eminent former eye surgeons of Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai,who wished to contribute in a larger way to the eye health of the people of Kerala.

We provide primary, secondary and tertiary eye care service in north Kerala and develop local human resource capacity for sustainable impact in eye care service.

Our mission, vision and philosophy has driven us into continuous efforts at bringing latest technologies and the best talent, integrating treatments and providing positive healing environment.

Our top-notch team of specialists, all trained and worked at the world famous eye hospital - Aravind Eye Hospital.

Puthalath Eye Hospital is supported by the state of art infrastructures and specially trained support team, which is essencial for this hghly sophisticated speciality. We offer diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of eye diseases, both general and specialized.